Legal Services Tailored For You

We listen to you to understand your case to design an effective plan that you are happy with.

Landry Legal was created to expand the availability of legal services to everyone who has a business they wish to start. No more guessing on the costs or having to trust your neighbor with the business idea you have before finding out who their attorney is. We set out to be transparent and help everyone protect their brand.

Our goal is to educate our clients on their case to ensure they understand all of their options.

Landry Legal’s principles revolve around transparency. For this reason, our fees are set up differently than the majority. Rarely will you find a firm with a flat rate, let alone one that is involved with business and entertainment law. Instead of charging a masked fee, requiring you to hand over a percent of your royalties, or both, we relay all fees and services up front. For Landry, it is more than about making money and collecting royalties; it is about helping people like yourself to receive fair and explicit legal advice and services.


Are you looking for a consultation?

The lawyers at our firm will give you a straightforward evaluation of your case and will discuss your legal options with you, as well as any questions you may have.