How Familiarity Can Help You As An Artist

Once again, taking a look at regular listening habits can help us to understand what exactly it means to be familiar.  As humans, we find a sense of comfort in familiarity, or being accustomed to something.  This seamlessly transfers over to music, where one might pause in the middle of their daily mix and think, […]

Do I Need a Trademark?

Trademarks protect the source of the idea.  In your day to day life, whether you are drinking a Coke or going to Disney, you are surrounded by trademarks.  As an artist, you see it more commonly in regards to names.  For example, there is only one Drake, only one Eminem, and only one Lil Wayne.  […]

Why Does Price Matter?

The top music distributors have great business models.  The thing about business models is this: when they are great, that means when successful, they are making money off of you, the consumer.  How much and for how long they make money off of the consumer is a whole different story.  With Songflowr, you do not […]

“Blurred Lines” Copyright Suit

When Robin Thicke lost the copyright suit that was brought against him by Marvin Gaye’s estate the music industry trembled with fear of repercussions. Many articles have been written about the case, but none make sense of what the court actually said, other than there was infringement. The case was brought alleged that Thicke’s song […]

How Record Labels Profit

First things first. Record companies are businesses. They are constructed to be motivated by making as much money as possible for themselves and their shareholders. They are not charities that give away services to artists just because they want to lend a helping-hand. Let’s establish this point right away. For an artist, if a record […]

What Is A ‘Split Sheet?’

Perhaps the best part of making music is being immersed in a creative experience alongside other like-minded people in a collaborative effort which in-turn makes everybody involved, and the music, better. Music is meant to be a collaborative process because it is inherently meant to be shared. Music can often be the lone-thing that is […]