The Art of Law: Protecting Your Creative and Business Endeavors.

Landry Legal is honored to be a leading law firm for businesses, creatives, and sports professionals. We empower our clients—from emerging artists and entrepreneurs to established entertainers and athletes—by handling their legal challenges, including contract negotiations, securing intellectual property rights, book publishing deals, and more. Our approach is to serve not just as lawyers, but as strategic partners offering flexible billing solutions like flat rates and subscription plans, making top-tier legal support accessible and aligned with your goals.

Our Attorneys

James Landry, Esq.

James is the visionary behind Landry Legal, a boutique law firm dedicated to guiding creatives, athletes, and entrepreneurs through the complexities of the legal landscape. With a reputation that has earned him features in numerous national publications, James leverages his significant social media following to educate on the legal nuances of business. Originating from New Hampshire, he boasts dual Bachelor of Science degrees in Business Administration, with a focus on Entrepreneurship, and Economics from the University of New Hampshire. Furthering his academic credentials, James acquired his law degree from the Florida State University College of Law. His certification as an NFL agent adds a distinctive edge to his professional portfolio, merging his legal expertise with sports management.

Larry Perry, Esq.

Larry Perry, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Perry and Young and Of Counsel at Landry Legal. His legal acumen shines through in complex litigations, strategic class actions, and significant injury cases. Dedicated to the greater good, Larry’s extensive experience and commitment to service go hand in hand, as he promotes the ethos of client advocacy and proactive community engagement in every endeavor.

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