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Empowering Athletes in the Era of NIL

In the dynamic world of sports, the ability for athletes to monetize their name, image, and likeness (NIL) marks a groundbreaking shift. Our law firm is at the forefront of this evolution, dedicated to guiding athletes through the complexities of NIL agreements. Whether you are a rising college star or an established professional, understanding and leveraging your NIL rights is crucial in today’s sports landscape.

At Landry Legal, we merge a profound understanding of sports law with a fervent dedication to athlete advocacy. Our team, led by seasoned attorneys and certified NFL contract advisors, has adeptly handled numerous NIL cases, ensuring our clients’ interests are safeguarded while maximizing their potential earnings. We take pride in our personalized approach, comprehensively grasping each athlete’s unique journey, needs, and aspirations.

Drawing on our proven track record in negotiation, we relentlessly pursue favorable terms for our clients that authentically reflect their value, whether in their professional pursuits or personal ventures. Furthermore, we are unwavering in our commitment to preserving the integrity of our clients’ future brands.

Recognized for our knowledge of NIL law, our attorneys have contributed significantly to the field through teaching engagements at esteemed institutions like the University of Georgia and Florida State University, as well as published research in prestigious journals such as the New York University Journal of Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law.

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Elevating Your Athletic Brand: Our Value Propositions

  • End-to-End NIL Management: From identifying opportunities to finalizing contracts, we handle every aspect of Name, Image, and Likeness deals to maximize your earnings and protect your rights.

  • Brand Development: We don’t just protect your brand; we help it grow. Our services include brand strategy, marketing advice, and image consulting to elevate your public persona.

  • Contract Experience: With a deep understanding of sports law, we draft, review, and negotiate contracts to ensure they serve your best interests and offer long-term benefits.

  • Compliance Assurance: Navigating the complexities of NCAA regulations? We ensure that all agreements comply with current rules, protecting your eligibility and reputation.

  • Intellectual Property Protection: Your name and image are your legacy. We safeguard them through trademark filings, copyright registrations, and vigilant enforcement actions.

  • Post-Career Planning: Your vision for the future matters. We provide guidance on investment strategies, business opportunities, and post-retirement career planning.

  • Dispute Resolution: If conflicts arise, our experienced litigators are ready to defend your interests in negotiations or in court, always aiming for favorable resolutions.

  • Crisis Management: When unexpected challenges surface, our team is adept at handling media relations and legal issues to maintain your professional image.

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