Portfolio Trademark Monitoring w/Cease and Desist Letters – United States

$1,895.00 / year

A trademark is only as strong as the enforcement by the person who owns it. Our firm’s monitoring process is a search and analysis of all newly filed marks that are or may be potentially infringing.

This process is required to protect the “reasonable zone of expansion” that you are afforded with your mark. This zone of expansion can be thought of as all other areas you likely have the first right to operate because consumers would think any product/service would be yours. An example of this: If someone started selling apparel with the name Coca-Cola on it, one would reasonably assume it was being sold by the soda brand Coca-Cola.

To stop any potentially infringing filings, you need to be aware they were made and most times you need to send a cease and desist during the 30-day publication window that is provided. This is where the monitoring process is key. To properly send a cease and desist and halt the progress of the potentially infringing mark, you need to be aware of it prior to the 30-day window starting.

Ultimately, failure to monitor your trademark can lead to a loss of rights. If widespread use of your trademark—or a confusingly similar one—occurs without your consent, an infringer can argue that you no longer have trademark rights because consumers no longer associate the brand with your business.

If you would like to proceed with monitoring your registered trademarks with us, we use the latest CORSEARCH® technology which is recognized internationally as the best software to use.


Portfolio Monitoring includes:

Up to 3 Trademarks

Quarterly Reports

Trademark Renewal Notification

Up to 3 Cease and Desist Letters Per Year* ($750 value)

$1895 per year**


*Cease and desist letters do not roll over to the following year and are not to be used for cases outside of the trademark being monitored.

**By purchasing You acknowledge that the payment shall not be prorated and shall automatically renew on the purchase date the following year. We require a 14 day notice to cancel the annual subscription due to the complexity of setting up and ending the monitoring.