Trademark Search


Trademarks are designed to protect consumers from being confused as to the source of a good or service. Without trademarks, multiple companies could release Coca-Cola or multiple artists could release music under the name Drake, imagine the market confusion if that was allowed.

However, before we can file for a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for you we need to run a trademark search to ensure we can maximize the likelihood of successfully being granted a trademark for your mark.

A trademark search is used to ensure there is a minimal chance of the USPTO denying your filing due to things like consumer confusion or someone else preempting your filing with a filing of a similar mark of their own.

With this order, we will proceed with a trademark search for the mark that you are trying to protect. After the search and analysis is completed, we will communicate with you to talk about the odds of a successful filing and the options we may have to increase the probability of being successful.